If you’re discovering a odor from your heat pump, it’s trying to tell you that something is up. We’ve created a list of the most common six heat pump smells, what causes them and how you can fix them.

  1. Heat pump smells musty
  2. Heat pump smells like fish
  3. Heat pump smells like sulfur
  4. Heat pump smells like sewer
  5. Heat pump smells like burning
  6. Heat pump defrost cycle smells

1. Your Heat Pump Smells Like Mold

If your heat pump smells musty, there’s most likely mold growing on wet evaporator coils or in the ductwork. This heat pump odor is often called dirty sock syndrome. You can deter this by scheduling regular heat pump maintenance and air duct cleaning.

2. My Heat Pump Smells Fishy/Rotten

If your heat pump smells like fish, there could be several things wrong:

  • Motor is too hot
  • Wiring problems
  • Plastic components or coating is melting
  • Other mechanical difficulties

Electrical problems are unsafe, so shut your heat pump system off right away at the breaker box and contact us at 520-416-5415 for heat pump repair.

3. My Heat Pump Has a Rotten Egg Smell

Often when you smell a rotten egg smell, you’re dealing with a gas leak. But your heat pump doesn’t use natural gas. If your heat pump smells like sulfur, a small animal may have creeped inside it for warmth and died. One of our Desert Husky HVAC/R Services experts can get rid of the smell by cleaning your heat pump.

4. Your Heat Pump Has a Sewage Smell

As we mentioned above, your heat pump is electric, so any rotten egg smells are tied to a gas leak in another place. If your heat pump smells like sewer, you might be dealing with a backed-up or broken sewer line. We recommend calling a company that does sewer line repair.

5. The Heat Pump Smells Like Burning

You might have an electrical concern if your heat pump smells like burning, burning plastic or burning rubber. This burning smell can be due to melting plastic on electrical wires. Electrical problems in HVAC systems are dangerous and could cause a fire. If you notice this smell, turn off your heat pump at the breaker and contact us at 520-416-5415.

6. Heat Pump Defrost Cycle Smells

Like we discussed earlier, a dirty socks smell can happen when your evaporator coils need to be cleaned. You might notice this smell when your heat pump is in defrost mode.

It’s typical for your heat pump to have to turn on defrost mode during heating season. When the air is much colder, frost can form quickly on the coils from condensation and impede heating. During defrost mode, your heat pump briefly switches to cooling to remove the frost.

Having a Desert Husky HVAC/R Services HVAC technician clean the coils will help eliminate the smell.

You can Count on Us for Your Heat Pump Repair Needs

It can be hard to troubleshoot your heat pump by yourself. Your comfort matters to us at Desert Husky HVAC/R Services, so you can count on our specialists to assist you when you need us. When you need heat pump repair in Tucson and Phoenix that you can count on, call us at 520-416-5415.